Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will probably know that I draw a picture on a post-it note every day for my youngest daughter Poppy and put it in her lunchbox to brighten up her lunchtime. Well, a couple of weeks ago HarperCollins and Waterstones put on a small exhibition in London featuring 150 or so of the 600+ post-its that I have drawn over the last three years… 

Amazingly, the Evening Standard covered it…

And so did BuzzFeed.

Since then it has gone crazy. I’ve been interviewed by ABC News, The Huffington Post and The Metro, and the notes have been featured on MarthaStewart.com, India TodayBored Panda, Stuff, 360doc and countless other blogs and websites. What a strange experience it is to be involved with something that goes a bit viral. Pretty exciting though.

As the media buzz dies down you can rest assured the #PackedLunchPostIt notes will go on. Poppy is showing no signs of changing from packed-lunches to school dinners, despite my encouragement! You can keep up to date with the notes by checking out my daily posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Now, who fancies a sandwich?