It's publication day!

imageWell, it’s finally arrived. Today is the day that Blown Away comes out in the UK. It is officially a published book. There is a copy in the British Library and everything. Ok, so it’s probably propping up a wonky table or something but still, it’s in there and that’s what’s important. It’s quite something to know that I could go into any bookshop right now and buy a copy. A very nice feeling. 

The build up to launch over the last few weeks has been very exciting, if a bit hectic. Firstly, I went into HarperCollins HQ to sign copies of the book that will be sent out to shops across the country.


It was the day that the A-level results came out which was very appropriate given that it was the most handwriting I’ve had to do since my A-levels. I ended up with one of those ‘exam lumps’ on my finger. Was fun though. At first, I didn’t know what to write but luckily Nicola at HC was on hand to help. “How about… ‘Best wishes, Rob Biddulph’?”. It really is that simple.

They also showed me the little kites that they’ve had made for bookshops to display in their windows. You can actually fly them! My daughters were particularly pleased with those.


Next, I made these Blown Away-themed puzzles for the Observer.


They appeared over a bank holiday weekend which was just about the wettest on record. Hopefully they kept children busy for half an hour or so. If you missed the print edition click here for a fully-downloadable and printable online version on the Guardian website.

I’ve also been doing other bits and pieces for the Guardian (which you’ll be able to see very soon - will post here when they’re ready) and have been interviewed by various magazines and blogs about the book and the ‘process’. Again, I’ll post a link when they appear (unless I sound like a complete idiot in which case we will never speak of this again).

I’ve created a Facebook page too. I’m still trying to get the hang of how to best to use it, but why not come on over and ‘like’ it by clicking here. It would be lovely to see you.

Finally, I’ve updated my website to include the book. You can see some of the spreads, check out the teaser ads and, crucially, get details of where you can actually buy it. There’s also some information about the international editions - 10 at the last count. Can’t wait to see all the different covers together. 

Right, I’m off to my nearest bookshop to see if I can find Blown Away on the shelves. I’ll try and post again very soon. In the meantime, here’s how to draw Penguin Jeff (him with the eyebrows)…